Sunday, October 04, 2009

Larry Fessenden’s Wendigo (2001) is a tight indie-horror flick. I accidentally caught this great supernatural thriller about a Native American spirit haunting the frozen forests of upstate New York on cable a few years back and have been proselytizing for it ever since as it is one of the few truly creepy American movies of the past decade.

Wendigo’s spookiness isn’t about sudden cheap shocks and it earns its scares principally through a gradually accumulating and ever looming sense of dread. It also combines the terrifying rednecks of Deliverance with the phantasmagoric woodland frights of Evil Dead while providing a catalog of every reason why I don’t go camping.

- Heath Iverson

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Mike Everleth said...

I saw Wendigo during it's very limited theatrical run and thought it was a great, spooky, underrated little horror flick. Glad to see you picked it!

Anonymous said...

I see this is "day 4" . . . what happened to "day 3"?

Facets Multi-Media said...

Ack! My apologies regarding day 3--the post was accidentally set for a later date. It's now up.

Val Lewtwon's Valet said...

thanks for the response and the "day 3" add.

Val Lewton's Valet said...

That clip seems pretty effective, especially the "Wendigo Cam," (or is that the "Raimi cam?"). Also, John Speredakos is really pretty good. I wish we didn't see quite so much of the monster. This was good enough for me to want to watch the whole thing.

Regardless, this movie seems much more effective than Fessenden's "I Sell the Dead," which I just saw on demand. True "horror comedy" must be more difficult to pull off than horror with a few comedic touches.