Monday, October 01, 2007

A mad mass of blogs are presenting various incarnations of the 31 days of horror movies-theme this Halloween season, so we here at Facets Features decided to throw a severed head into the ring.

31 days.
31 horror clips.

Let's start early...

Scenes from Paul Wegener and Carl Boese's 1920 classic, Der Golem: wie er in die Welt kam (The Golem: How He Came into the World), backed by avant-freakout-metal band Fantomas' interpretation of Karl-Ernst Sasse's 1977 soundtrack composition for the film.

The film was the third by Wegener about the Golem. This entry jumps back in time to the origin, tracing the ancient Jewish legend of the clay figure created by Rabbi Loew in the 16th century to defend Jews in the Prague ghetto against pogrom, who instead reigns murder upon the city. Wegener's evil-eyed, bulked-up portrayal of the creature, combined with cinematography by the great Karl Freund (Metropolis, Dracula), make this an absolute horror classic.

The music is from Fantomas' expert 2001 album, The Director's Cut, which finds them maniacally and manically adapting a variety of film scores, from Night of the Hunter and Charade to Rosemary's Baby and Twin Peaks.


This is going to be a fun month. Check back daily for more insanity.

- Phil Morehart

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